• About SUPERIOR Manufacturing

SUPERIOR Manufacturing fabricates a wide range of pipeline specialty equipment. We have two major production facilities: one in Houston, Texas, and a second one in Parma, Italy. At the Houston facility, we assemble welder tractors and pipe carriers, and convert conventional tractors and mechanical pipelayers into fully hydraulic pipelayers.

Our Parma, Italy, facility is where we manufacture pipelayers, pipe bending machines, mandrels, line-up clamps, pipe facing machines, bending sets, padding machines, and hydraulic conversion systems.

Our hydraulic conversions can be used to convert a mechanical pipelayer into a fully hydraulic one. We also have a whole conversion package which converts a dozer into a fully hydraulic pipelayer. The latter includes hydraulic drawworks as well as a number of components necessary for a proper conversion.

These specialty products are sold and rented to pipeline construction contractors around the world through Worldwide Machinery Pipeline Division, along with a range of ancillary pipeline equipment.
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